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    Its open to anybody, anything and all who are interested in Sim or virtual racing for any reason. You can

    • Ask questions
    • Tell about yourself
    • Promote your series or leagues
    • Sell stuff you make or have
    • Offer your services
    • or anything else as long as it is related to sim racing in one way or the other.

    From here, new features will emerge. If too many questions are asked, maybe a dedicated "Q&A" section could come up. If sales posts get lost in too much talk, maybe a marketplace could emerge.

    Just pop in, and start using it as a Public Board with whatever you want others to know

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    A short read, with a honest review of what this site is, how it came about, what it's making, what its doing and what it wants to become.

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  • What is the best GTE car in iRacing?

    Before i get your hopes up, I need to set your expectations of what you’ll get by reading the next few paragraphs. It is not straight forward, so don’t expect me to narrow it down to one car. I have recently decided to advance from the Skip Barber to the GTE. There are numerous reasons for this, but partly it is because they are faster, they look great and from what I’ve heard, they might be easier to drive than both the Skip Barber but also the GT3 that I also have been looking at. I went

    Rookie Raceline

    Logitech G920 – How hard can it be?

    Throughout the couple of years that I have raced on the console, I have always had a mixed feeling of admiration and jealousy for the people racing on a wheel. It was clear that racing-games are meant to be raced with a racing wheel, and I felt that racing with the controller, although it felt pretty comfortable, was only a taste of what the games really could do. What convinced me that spending the money on a wheel was worth it, was a comparison I read about playing Guitar Hero with a cont

    Rookie Raceline

    Top iRacing Addons

    iRacing is an exceptionally good sim racer, and is almost a complete racing solution for dedicated and passionate racers. That said, there are a few external addons that make it even better. We’re going to take a look at the most popular Most of these, work as separate programs, that will feed off the iRacing API and give you real time information on what is going on in the game/sim. Crew Chief Crew chief is basically what you would expect of a pit wall crew. It is roughly a combi

    Rookie Raceline 8

    Expanding the Racing Line

    Racing can at times be brutal for new racers. The ideas we have about how our races will go, often don’t match the reality of where we are as drivers. Almost everybody is going to picture themselves up near the front and battling for position. We imagine making quick, clean passes and taking positions from other drivers. This is not always going to be the case however. The truth is, as you get better every position on track gets harder and harder to take. And yes, you will have to TAKE them

    Nathan McDougal
    Nathan McDougal
    Racecraft for Beginners

    Matching Series with Skill Level

    Maybe you’re just getting started as a sim racer, or maybe you’ve been away from racing for a while and you’ve just come back. Maybe you’ve simply fallen into a rut you can’t pull yourself out of. Consider that you may be racing in the wrong series before giving up. We all have our favorite motorsports and the types of racing we love most. Maybe you love real F1 so you want to race F1 right off the bat. Maybe it’s GT3, Indy, or Prototype cars. Let’s look at “where we want to be” vs “where w

    Nathan McDougal
    Nathan McDougal
    Racecraft for Beginners 1
  • Group Listing.jpgLargest Group Listing

    We’re building the world's largest Group Listing for sim racers!

    Any series, league or even casual after work bashes on the racing track can join. Any game, sim platform goes. Actually any group that is related to sim racing can join.

    Simply create a club, add a description and attributes so that people can find you, and update regularly with events on your calendar. You can optionally run a club blog, or even a club forum! Any members who join/follow your club will receive updates and notifications whenever something happens in your club!

    View Clubs Learn more Start a Club

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