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Nathan McDougal


The one thing I don’t think we talk about enough is racecraft. There’s a lot of new racers joining all the time or guys who are upgrading from a game pad and console......to a pc and a wheel. Especially right now being tax season. We need to help some of these guys with tips from the more seasoned drivers. 


I’ll kick it off:


My first piece of advice for somebody who is new to Sim Racing is to practice/race long stints. Don’t just run 5 laps and tweak, 5 more laps and tweak again.... if you’re doing this, you aren’t setting yourself up for success in the longer races you’ll find either online or in career modes across the many sims that are out there. 


Instead run longer sessions. Learn to feel the tires change and feel the brakes change. Get used to finding yourself in “the zone” where you are turning laps with very little thought involved. This will make you a much more rhythmic driver and will make you more consistent!


Anybody else got some tips for new drivers?


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