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Attacking Corners

Nathan McDougal


Attacking corners 


Today we need to talk about how to handle corners. I’ve seen a lot of new racers posting about “just got my first wheel and pedals” and so on. Let’s give them some help. 


The first thing you need to know is that slower, really is faster. If you are frantic into the corner and end up braking too hard and losing the balance of the car....you’re not going to have a good corner exit. 


You have to think about turns in two parts. Entry and exit. The better you enter the turn, the faster and smoother your exit will be. If you’re sliding or have pushed past the exit you’re not going to be able to exit properly. 


This scenario here (see pic) is one that happened to me. As you can see I am sitting at the apex of the turn where the other car pushed beyond it. Coming out of this corner I have a couple of options. 


1) drive up alongside him and be on the outside in the next turn


2) if he blocks down then cross him over putting me on the inside for the next turn. 


What happened was he tried to move over in front of me which allowed me to easily cross over to his right. This also gave me the position to finish him off cleanly in the next corner. 


What about the rest of you guys? What tips do you have for newer drivers about “attacking corners”?

Tips from fellow drivers:
• Use the least amount of steering inputs possible. A car is always fastest when going straight.
• Always try to complete your maximum breaking before beginning to turn in. Once you’ve got
that down, begin to introduce Trail Braking – an advanced braking technique where you go from
maximum braking to gradually letting off the brake as you gradually turn the steering wheel.
• Record yourself doing some practice or qualifying laps, then watch them from different angles
to see how close you actually were to a goal versus how close you thought you were.
• Put off using an H-Pattern shifter (stick shift) until you can manage your brakes, acceleration and
driving lines.
• Look for Sim Racing YouTubers like Driver61, Empty Box, ViperConcept, SimRacing604, etc.

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If it is a longer corner, talk about middle, where you have to maintain speed without spinning the wheels or unbalancing the car, this is something I have a ton of trouble with.

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