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Nathan McDougal


Alright boys and girls let’s get into some nitty gritty.

Take a look at this race and tell me what I did wrong here. It’s a pretty clean race, but there are several things that can be tightened up for sure.


I normally run a minimum of 20 laps in races like this, but for the sake of capturing I ran a sprint. It’s an
older video, but it will work just fine for our purposes here. Racecraft 101.
How about it all you veteran racers? If I was running 25 laps in this race instead of 4, what was I doing
wrong? How good or bad were my interactions with the other cars?

Key Points:
• Pushed car off during first turn
• Could have left more room taking 2nd
• Raced at qualifying race – tires would be spent sooner in a longer race


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It overall looks like a good race, however, you did make a few errors in passing, (small bumps/pushing wide) which you already addressed, but if you know a car is passing you and you do not know if you are clear, aim to give them room, I've been spun out a few times not giving people room who are on my quarter panel. Also, I'd aim to use the curb a bit less, it gives you good time if you can keep it under control but if you can't (like me) then it upsets the balance of the car and loses you more time then you would have gained. Other then that, you look very good, good job.

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1 thing i noticed is, that although you are in front and have the right to a corner, you can't expect other drivers to disapear if they already are there, or for them to brake if they are very close. Take a look at lap ine, in the Amman Kurve. Thats the right/left combination in the back straight, right before the final big curve. I'd say that you should hav eexpected the opponent to be on your inside there, and should have left some more space.

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