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Design the new Logo and win $20



Screenshot_2019-06-28 AVR4 psd.pngThe site needs a cooler logo but there's no money to hire a graphics designer to do it. On top of that, it would be great to have someone with at least a little interest in motorsports do it, so that it has a "racing" feel to it.

AVR is basically a place where sim racers can create a blog and write/share their thoughts, product reviews, race recaps, livery designs, setups etc. They can also team up and run small communities with with their own forum, calendar, blog etc. It is all free and the site makes very little proffit from the ads displayed (actually not enough to bet paid yet)

To get as many suggestions as possible, this competition will run for 1 week and will end Sunday the 7th July at midnight CET. Anybody can submit a logo and it can be anything you feel would be great! You can draw it on paper, do in on Paint, use pro tools like Illustrator or Photoshop. Anything will be considered, although high resolution images and filetypes such as PDF, EPS, PNG, PDF, AI and JPG will be apreciated.

There are no rules to what kind of logo will win, but as it stands, simple logos, with a retro-ish feel, and with a touch of motorsport, will be prioritized, but the whole reason why this competition is here, is to surprise! There is no saying what can win!

You can submit your logo suggestions here.


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