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optimized_cube.gifThis is an open lounge for SIM racing and related subjects. Anything goes (for now) and the area will be expanded, adjusted and modified depending on what is needed and what you use it for.

Just drop in, and start talking, asking or promoting.

All games, sims, questions, subjects and topics are welcome!


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    • Sorry for the delayed response.  In the above example the "AnnouncerBot" is using prerecorded samples, but I generally felt like it was slowing me down to have to record audio for every feature I wanted to add, so I've been migrating more towards just using text to speech instead, which may not sound as good, but is allowing me to add features quicker.  🙂 
    • I don't stream but I do videos of some of my best races on Youtube 🙂
    • Hi Dave! This is actually pretty neat, although i don't think it can quite replace commentators, but it could be a great addition and actually very helpful! Did you record all names or does it read them from text? If you want, we can setup a download section for you here on AllVirtualRacing, with comments, ratings and version tracking! We can also setup a forum for you, if you want discussions about your work. Best of luck with this! i am sure it could become great!
    • I've been working on stream automation for races, so we can have a broadcast even if we don't have announcers.  An example of what that looks like is here: Is anyone else streaming their races? Cheers, Dave\Esotic  
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