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    Why you should advertise on AllVirtualRacing

    AllVirtualRacing i a highly specialized community website, that more or less leaves the user to do anything they want, as long as it's about sim racing. There are no rules or limits. It's for anybody who loves racing online or even offline. Your advertisements will be shown to a very targeted audience that is into sim racing.

    This website is a very new project. I have personally been working and messing with it for a couple of years, but only recently did it get it's final form and beginning to grow. This is why your advertisement is more of a donation that it is a marketing investment with any form of guaranty of ROI at all. It's cheap though, and you'll be helping build and grow a project that you're in to.

    €10.jpgWhat you get

    At the moment I don't have any other monetization on the site, that this. For €10 I'll add your banner (728x90px) in a 3 week rotation of the other banners on the site. These are currently mostly internal banners to promote the site features. For an even smaller fee, i can even make the banners for you! (and yes you can use them anywhere else you may want)

    You are also welcome to create a blog or club to promote what you're doing. When the paid period had passed, your banners will stop displaying automatically.

    How To

    When it comes to advertising, things are pretty low key here. Simply get in touch, by either filling out the contact form, sending a direct email to hello@AllVirtualRacing.com, send a message to @Steph or get in touch though the Facebook page or Twitter.

    We'll figure out how many ads you want to place, how long you want them to display and if you want me to make your banners. Payment will be done through Paypal and you're banners will start displaying at the agreed date, for the agreed period, once payment has been completed.

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