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    Club Calendar

    eve.pngEvery Club, gets it's own calendar. This is where you plot your future events, races, practices etc.

    • Any events you make, can either be a one off event, or you can set a repeat pattern.
    • Repetition can be for every day, week, month or year.
    • You can let it continue for ever, or set an end day, or end it after a set number of repetitions
    • You can set an event to a specific time, time range, or set it as a whole day event.
    • Add a description to your event to tell people what it's all about
    • People can comment on your events
    • You can optionally request an RSVP so that people sign up to an event
    • You can add a location if the event requires users to meet somewhere.

    Users who have access to your club will be able to see the calendar, but most importantly, the events of all the clubs they are signed up to, will show up in that users personal calendar. This is a very useful way to keep up to date, across many clubs and interests, no matter how many clubs the user is part of

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