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    Clubs Basics

    What are clubs?

    There are many ways to run clubs. Some are full fledged community platforms for your groups, but others can be an addition to established systems. All features are optional, but all events, posts and activities of your club, will show up on your members feeds. You can simply add events to the club calendar, to schedule your races, events, broadcasts etc and they will show up on the calendars of all users who have joined your club.

    You can use the Clubs features as a listing for your club, and only use the calendar for scheduled events and races. Optionally, you can use the Blog feature to update members about results, plans, ideas and what is going on behind the scenes. If you need it, you can even run a forum section to let uses discuss aspects of your club.

    • Clubs can be set to be Closed or Private. Closed groups will be visible to users, but they will only be able to see your club description or front page. Private clubs are hidden to all but the members who have been invited by you or a mod/leader of your group
    • Each Club has it's own option discussion section, its own blog, calendar, pages, and much more.
    • Users can join multiple clubs and be active in any club they feel match their interests.

    Clubs came about as an alternative to other platforms used to organize groups, where the information often gets lost in a feed of noisy chatter. Here, you can coordinate your events more intuitively and clearly.

    In the long run, this will be a perfect way to engage with new users and races, because users won't have to sight up to a site - they can just join or request to join your club. Once users sign up to AllVirtualRacing, they can join any club. This will allow you to grow your club and get people who really love what you're doing, without having them to sign up.

    We expect that clubs can be used for a whole lot, but to be honest we have no idea what you will come up with. Limited by our imagination, we can think of casual race sessions, small to medium scale series and leagues, or team coordination. Furthermore, we hope for clubs that will focus on niche topics, like, tuning and setups, car photography, livery design, or maybe even clubs for commentators, clubs for racers with special needs and clubs for all skill levels, interests and passions. It's up to you to start it, grow it and make it popular.

    We really hope you will embrace this feature, and run your clubs here! We do expect big things to happen here!
    You can browse all the clubs here.


    We've created a few pages, with more information about clubs

    Read more about Clubs

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