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    Member Management

    leader.jpgAs a club owner, you have a wide range of practical member management options.

    Depending on your group settings and permissions, you can invite users to become members of your club or remove them. You can also pick specific users, to become moderators or leaders, depending on what you want them to be able to do on the club.

    • Owners - Have full access to club features and are the only ones who can close, or change the owner of the club
    • Leaders - A leader can moderate content and manage members in the club, including making other members leaders. The creator of the club initially, is a leader

    • Moderators - A moderator can moderate content only. They cannot make any structural changes to the group, nor make any other members leader or moderator.

      You can change a member to a leader or moderator, from the members tab within any club, by clicking on the setting icon on that member.


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