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    Rules for Clubs

    Rules & Guidelines

    We don't have many rules for clubs, and ultimately don't want to either, so we will try to keep limitations to a minimum. Non the less, we do need to set a standard and some expectations to club owners, to avoid chaos.

    1. Inactive clubs that have had no activity for over 1 month can/will be deleted
    2. Clubs older than 2 months, that have less than 3(?) members will be deleted
    3. Each club can use only one game/platform combination, but users are welcome to create multiple clubs to cover more games
    4. Club Name, Description and attributes must be kept updated and relevant to the club activity.
    5. Club activities must deal with racing games/simulators in one way or an other.
    6. No illegal activities are allowed and these will be stopped immediately as soon as we spot them
    7. Each user can create up to 3 clubs
    8. Currently only Project Cars clubs will be allowed, but we will notice your interest in other games, and open up accordingly

    We don't want to limit your use of the Clubs in any way, but we do want to avoid too many dead clubs. If you feel that you want to run a club that can't live up to our rules, please do get in touch to discuss and maybe be allowed to work around them.

    Although not a rule we will enforce, we do recommend to be friendly, open and helpful. Avoid hateful behavior, stealing ideas and users from other clubs or in other way trying to damage others work in here.

    We will manually approve any new clubs, so please be patient if this does not happen immediately.

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