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    Your Club Forum

    Each club gets it's own forum. Here you can create topics as needed. Use this section to discus whatever you feel is relevant. If you run a series, you can discuss rules, regulations, sessions, tracks, guides etc. The content and nature of your clubs will vary depending on what your club is all about. Do you run a livery club, tuner club, photographer club? It's all up to you.

    Screenshot_2019-02-17 Forum(1).pngThe Owner and Leaders of the club, can set certain posts to be either pinned or locked (or both). This is practical for posts that need extra attention, or that are not up to discussion.

    The text editor area for the forums is really practical and easy to use. They allow users to easily embed/attach images or files. Links to other places on the site are dynamically rendered to show a title and preview of the page they link to.

    You can use "@" to tag user, so that they get notified when they get mentioned and also so that other users can find them. Go ahead and say hi to me here @Steph





    reactions.pngReactions are simple and quick ways to show your feelings towards a post in your posts. There are currently 5 reactions that have either a positive, neutral or negative effect on the users reputations.

    The reputation system enables users to earn reputation points when other users react to their content. A user's community-wide reputation total is shown next to their content and in their profile, and counts towards features such as the Popular Contributors block and Leaderboard ranking.


    quote.pngYou can also quote content from other users, by simply selecting the text you want to quote, and click on "quote Selection".

    It's an easy way to show what you comment on, to avoid misunderstanding, and also to show who you are talking to. By using the quote feature, the user you quote will be notified about your comment.


    Many more features will be added or enabled here, but for now, we are sure that the current features will cover the most basic of needs for most of you. You are welcomed to use the public discussion area, where we have opened up a lounge styled section where anybody can talk about anything.

    There are several discussion feeds across the site, that will be updated every time somebody creates a discussion, or replies to a comment. The feeds are created dynamically, so that only feeds from clubs the user is a member of, will show. This means that if i am part of 3 clubs, the discussion feeds that are displayed across the site, will only contain content from the discussions in those 3 clubs that i have joined.

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