• Firben

    Free intro clip for video creators

    We're teaming up with all virtual racing video creators.

    What we offer

    Get a free intro video with your own logo to use in your videos, stream or any other video content you create. We're using a template system that is customizable to some extent. You can't pick a certain version, but we'll make sure it is adjusted to your logo, colors and theme. You can see a few examples bellow

    What we want

    We don't require you to mention or promote us on your streams or videos, but would love it if you did. Also you are more than welcome to start a blog here on All Virtual Racing, promoting your content or, put your planned streams and broadcasts in our public calendar.

    How to get it

    You'll need to sign up to the site, and you'll need to submit your channel to our list of creators here. Once we're registered your submission, we'll use the channel name and logo to create and send you the intro clip.




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