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All kind of news & announcements considering this DiRT 4 club here in

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A while ago I told you guys about the upcoming league for this club. We then had a few test rallies and we even learned a few lessons! (results will be visible for example.)

So now I may present to you guys the awesome first proper season of the AVR DiRT 4 Club League!

The series is a 5 event championship contested with R5 category cars. Each country in the game has it's own event. The events have one week of time to be driven for each. Event lengths circulate between 4 and 8 stages, just so that we don't form a too predictable and boring pattern for the rallies. Instead we hopefully have 5 different rallies regarding to the stage lengths in each event, the number of stages that are run between services etc.

The calendar for the upcoming season is the following:

1. Rally Sweden (52,22 Km - 8 Stages) January 1st - January 7th
2. Rally Michigan (60,15 Km - 7 Stages) January 8th - January 14th
3. Rally Spain (44,24 Km - 8 Stages) January 15th - January 21st
4. Rally Australia (46,60 Km - 4 Stages) January 22nd - January 28th
5. Rally Wales (37,73 Km - 6 Stages) January 29th - February 4th

If you need help with setups for the events, head to the DiRT 4 setup forum at:

I hope we can have a good close battle for the inaugural AVR DiRT 4 CLub League title!

See you guys on the stages!



Last week we FINALLY got an update to DiRT 4! That update included the addition of the club feature to the game, which means that we can finally have our own DiRT 4 club!

The club championship will start properly on January 2018, but now before Christmas there will be a 2 event test season just to see how the club is working and what kind of participation numbers we can expect to the league. The test season is gonna be driven with R2 cars, since we are learning about the club feature, we can use learning level cars as well. 

When we eventually kick off the proper AVR DiRT 4 Club championship in January we will drive with the R5 category cars (unless someone has a better idea). And obviously the categories will change for each season, unless there is huge demand for a certain category continuously.

The events in the championship will be open for one week each event, from Monday 00:00 to the next Monday 00:00. There's only a bit of an exception with this week since I just created the league today so it was quite tricky to start it yesterday. The events will be 4 to 8 stages long with different amount of services within the rally, since there are different kind of rallies also in real life instead of them following a strict formula of 6 stages per rally and a service between each 2. On this testing season of the league we have 2 events. On this week we have a 8 stage rally in Michigan, and on the next week we have a 5 stage event in Spain.

Oh and yeah you can find the league/club from this link:

I'll see you guys on the stages!



Images Section

Hey all you beautiful members of this awesome club!

I've added a feature to add pictures on a specific page to this club, since I personally like to take quite a lot of pictures in DiRT 4. So I thought some others in this club might feel the same and I made the feature. Preferably just post your own pictures, but if you feel the need to post someone else's pictures, please credit the original author (if that's the correct word) of the picture.

That's all for now. 

(Should we have a photo competition for the banner picture of the club?)




Setup Forum Templates

Hello all you members and lurkers of the DiRT 4 club here in AVR!

I've been posting quite a few setups on to the setup forums and I realized that it was stupid having to write so much each and every time when posting a new setup in text format. So to hopefully lower the bar to post setups I've updated all the car threads in the setup forum to include a template where should be all the possible setup options for each individual car, so that you can just copy the template from the original post and then fill in your values and units to the template. It should be easier and quicker to post the setups now.

If you spot any errors on those templates, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks!



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