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We have so many great ideas to help out sim racers, that we just can’t contain ourselves. The real challenge is getting these ideas out to the people who didn’t know they needed them. Currently, the focus is on the Clubs feature. We’re letting everyone chip in with building a huge listing of groups, clubs, leagues, series or even come-togethers, for people to look up what they’d like to join, or simply make their own.

Although the Clubs have a built in blog feature for clubs to tell what they are working on, post results, plans and updates, we also want to open up for an option for all users to be able to run their own blog. You could run a blog for mostly anything that is sim racing related. We won't  and share their ideas, thoughts, guides, Youtube Videos, streaming schedules, or even content like liveries, photos, tunes/setups and much more. We won't tell you what to post or get in your way, as long as the content quality is good, and people find it interesting.

You could use blogs for many things like

  • Express your thoughts and ideas about sim racing, games, platforms, cars, series etc. You can rant, joke, advise or even encourage other people through a blog.
  • Show your creations like liveries, setups, photos, videos, streams etc (we have a very good YouTube intergration! Just copy/paste the url)
  • Guides, lessons, tutorials for almost anything! Do you know how to make button boxes, or do you know a couple of tricks around a certain track?
  • Reviews of games, software, hardware or even series, cars, mods and tracks
  • Others? we are sure that there are many more reasons to run a blog, and we trust that you'll come up with one!

The Blog feature is not yet available for the public, but we’d like to launch it gradually, by handpicking users, who will show a good example of how blogs can be used. Could this be you? Drop us a short message with a description of what you want to run a blog for, and we will consider opening up the blog feature to you.


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