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About This Club

A club for pup-up races between Monday and Thursday. For all of us who are tight up during weekends, but enjoy some racing in the evenings of the work week. Usually unusual combinations of cars and tracks (compared to the public lobbies). You will rarely race GT3s here.

featured_.jpgMONTHU racing has casual pop up races between Monday and Thursday. Usually with short warning, and usually with unusual car and track cobination (we'll avoid GT3s on Monza and Red Bull ring).

There are no skill requirements, but you'll have most fun, if you are medium skilled and have a little bit of experience. New drivers and rookies are welcomed, as long as you are willing to learn. The only requirements are that you don't cheat, you don't repeatedly ram or hit others and that you respect that we all want to have a good time racing here.

Races will often be run at evenings of rights EU time, but can also happen earlier on the day. Sessions will include practice, qualifying and race, unless the event is a continuous roll of the same car and track combination, when practice usually will be skipped.

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