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Racing League

What we want this site to be, is a big racing hub for all communities that somehow are involved in online racing, and sim racing in general. This can be communities that arrange leagues and races, but also passionate groups about painting cars, photography, commentary or even just fooling around and cruising.
We're going to start by massively focusing on leagues and clubs. We want to offer the option to run your own club, for whatever aspect of racing you are passionate about. Keep an eye on this page for more information!



AVR Relaunch

All Virtual Racing has just been relaunched. It's more a reset, because the whole site has been deleted and reinstalled, to start from scratch. It was a pretty cool site, with way too many features to define a true function. Basically, it was too good! Now, we are starting from scratch, getting the right people together, and building it once more, with focus on the features that we really want, and taking it much slower than the first time. Keep an eye on the page, to follow on new, updates and plans for the future



  • The site is not quite ready yet, but you can already sign up, and be a part of it right now!

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  • Dirt Setups?


    Are you here for the setups? They are gone, but still available here