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    Hi everyone, nice to find a new group to join. I'm a long time motorsport fan and competitor, I used to navigate for a few friends on stage rallies which lead to a few class championship wins over the years. Then I built myself an autocross car and won my class in the championship 2 years running until all my money ran out. Now I get my motorsport kicks from my playstation 4. I'm into Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 and Project Cars 2 mainly. Hope to compete against some of you soon. Cheers Iain.
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    WALES MICHIGAN AUSSIE - Simulation handling ALIGNMENT Front Toe -0.20 Camber -1.75 Rear Toe 0.00 Camber 1.71 BRAKES Braking Force 3045.00 N-m Brake Bias 61% DIFFERENTIAL Front LSD Driving Lock 45% LSD Braking Lock 35% LSD Preload 40.00 n m Centre Viscous Differential 12 kgf-m Torque Bias 45% Rear LSD Driving Lock 50% LSD Braking Lock 30% LSD Preload 40.00 n m GEARING 1st Gear 0.368 2nd Gear 0.531 3rd Gear 0.679 4th Gear 0.824 5th Gear 0.981 Final Drive 0.222 DAMPING Front Slow Bump 0 Slow Rebound 0 Rear Slow Bump -2 Slow Rebound 0 SPRINGS Front Ride Height 10.00mm Spring Rate 44.86 N/mm Anti-Roll Bar 10.00 Rear Ride Height 10.00 mm Spring Rate 49.17 n/mm Anti-Roll Bar 11.79
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