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    I really struggled to get this right, but eventually, @thebeardyguy ended up picking a very simple but stylish text only logo. Although I spent a lot of time trying different things out (even things not shown here) i really like the final one that got picked. After settling with a logo, I also worked on a logo reveal video, that combined his new logo and the team that he's racing in. logoandrevolution.mp4
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    The Sim Racing Guys needed an intro for a new project that they are launching soon. I couldn't make up my mind between the background colors so I ended up making two. One with a red background and the other with a very dark grey. You can comment bellow, and tell me which one you like the best! black.mp4 red.mp4 I ended up making a third video for these guys that was slightly longer. For this, I can customise the two colors of the stripes as well as the background colour. longer.mp4
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    Dave had a logo with a white background. I did a quick and dirty background removal that although not proper, it worked out pretty well. DALE.mp4
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