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    This is what the internet showed me today - yes it is a BMW M8 GTE made to look like a Gotd GT 2017.
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    Welcome to LTFR 👍 We are a club on project cars 2 (Xbox) We organise everything from casual nights to full championships. We have a wide range of drivers in the club from pad users to full simulation drivers From rookies to pros
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    All Virtual Racing has just been relaunched. It's more a reset, because the whole site has been deleted and reinstalled, to start from scratch. It was a pretty cool site, with way too many features to define a true function. Basically, it was too good! Now, we are starting from scratch, getting the right people together, and building it once more, with focus on the features that we really want, and taking it much slower than the first time. Keep an eye on the page, to follow on new, updates and plans for the future
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    You can also find all setups on this spreadsheet
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