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Join me during our Sim Racing System racing series, every Tuesday on Twitch, or YouTube Live !. 

Every week we compete in the Sim Enthusiast Audi TT Cup Series along with 20 other highly skilled drivers!  Join the race, or join me on my live stream for driver commentary!


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Following the well received debut of Superminis at Delta in conjunction with Forza broadcasters YMTV, the Superminis are returning but this time in their own 16 Round Championship.

Over 8 weekends drivers will be putting the Clio RS200, Abarth 500, Fiesta ST, Punto Abarth, Corsa VXR and Mini Copper through their paces.


The Supermini coupled with the hotly anticipated release of Forza 7 is guaranteed to bring great racing within the latest and greatest Forza title.
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60 minutes  of BMW 2002 Stanceworks

Join this 60 minutes race at Barcelona Catalunya with the BMW 2002 Stanceworks car!

It will stay dry, and will be during summer, but expect a few clouds and full days cycle during the 60 minutes.
10 minutes qualifying, and 60 minutes race with a mandatory pitstop. This is a single event, so there will be no points - just this one race.

No Microphones are needed, but you are welcome to create your own parties or join in on one. I personally can't speak, but will most likely be in a party chat anyway.

Join me (Firben) or Isak08 for the race. If you want an invite, add your gamertag in the comments bellow.

We'll start at 6PM UK time
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Season 2 of the AVR DiRT 4 Club is starting next Monday, with the same concept! Now all we have to do is to decide the car class for the upcoming season. To see how to vote, watch the video linked below and comment your vote to the video to vote! Voting is open until this Friday 23:59pm (GMT+2)!

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A quiz featuring different types of questions about DIRT 4. (Now I'm just filling the 100 character limit, penispenispenispenis)
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"20 minutes of Daytona"
Hosting a "20 minutes of Daytona" race on PC2 on Xbox this Sunday at 12:00 noon. Time zone is eastern USA.

GT3/GTE/LMP2 classes, day/night/day weather, performance impacting damage, realistic aids.

Driver + team points will be logged with the Online Championship feature.

5/16 spots are already filled.

There will be a 25 min qualifying/warm up session with the race immediately after. 

Looking for a fun event before the real deal with good decent drivers and a full field. Let me know if you have any questions.
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The Long Beach Quiz
We added a new feature: QUIZ!

Take our Long Beach Quiz or make your own, and test your friends.
This is a quiz on the Long Beach circuit. Although some/most of the questions are general, others might be specific to the version of Project Cars 2.

Have a go and see how well you'll do!
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BWM M1 Find Five Friday
Find Five Friday challenge for you, with a picture from Project Cars 2!
It's a BMW 1 Series Coupé Stance Works Edition at Watkins Glen. Take a closer look at the two images below, and try to spot the 5 differences. If you can't find them all, you'll find the solution below (behind a spoiler shield)



Originally Posted on Rookie Raceline.
Find more Find Five Friday challenges here

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iRacing AVR Corvette C7DP
Gonzalez Motorsports' entry in the 2018 iRacing 24hr of Daytona.
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Enhanced Clubs
Clubs are now even better
Check out what has changed in one of the key features of the site, and why you should join a club if you haven't already!
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A user over at the official Project Cars forums, has set up a totally unofficial survey to pick the brains of us players. If you can spare a few minutes (really doesn't take that long) please head over to the survey and answer a few questions about what you like and what you don't like in Project Cars 2 here


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Pm TG DirtyEwok for info on XBO
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Come join in on a casual evening, practicing Project Cars 2, for all us who are not so fast.

We'll be using easy cars (probably GT3), and short tracks in order to get the hang of handling and corners. Everyone is welcome, all assists allowed (although you'd probably get the most out of manual gears).

Use the RSPV feature to sign up and join in! It'll be fun!

Session starts at 8pm GMT+1 (7pm uk)
Game is Project Cars 2 on Xbox One

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We're here
Straight out the box this is what is going on right now, 3 seasons, 1 special event not to mention our Hot lap challenge on Monday's and Mid week race nights on a Wednesday.

Don't sit around wondering what to do or race we got it covered. 

Why not drop in on a Wednesday and meet some of our drivers.

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Who's up for a rookie session on Project Cars 2?
Practice, qualifying and medium length race?

I have no idea about car choices or classes, but it'll be for the fun of it and to get used to the game/cars

Anybody is welcome, but you'll probably get the most out of it if you drive with manual gears (or at least want to practice how to)

Some time this week, evening (EU time) but open to suggestions
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Project CARS 2 From A Rally / Rallycross Enthusiast's Point Of View
I just recently got Project CARS 2 and fell in love with it pretty much instantly. Not because of all the circuit racing content, but because of the physics in Rallycross. I've always been more into loose surface racing (rally & rallycross), so now I wanted to give other people with similar interests some insight to this game, which gives us the most realistic rallycross driving experience so far on console in my opinion. Also I take a look at possibilities of actual rallying in PCARS 2 as well on the video.

Hope you guys enjoy, here's the video!

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Forza 7 Livery Competition
To celebrate the launch of Forza 7, we are currently running a livery competition.
Pick a car in Forza Motorsport 7, paint it with an AllVirtualRacing theme, share it and take a picture.

We'll pick the best, place it in a pretty picture, and send you a physical poster of it, to decorate your home!

Any car goes, any color schemes, any ideas. The only requirements are:

It needs to have our name on it (AllVirtualRacing)

It needs to be shared on Forza

Once you're done, take a picture of it, and post it bellow in the comments, along with your Xbox Username and the model of the car it's on.
We look forward to what you'll come up with!

*Depending on availability, the print will be minimum A4 or A3. Only the print will be shipped (no frame). Shipping is included. You will need to give us a shipping address if you win.
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A Proper Timo Mäkinen Challenge
I think everyone knows the story. Timo Mäkinen wedged a sponge in the locking mechanism of his Mini's bonnet, so that the bonnet would be left slightly open to get more cooling air. The bonnet was strapped closed with a leather belt. Somewhere through the stage of Ouninpohja he jumped too heavily, and the belt failed, resulting in the bonnet going up and Mäkinen driving through the Ouninpohja stage with his bonnet open. He achieved the six fastest time on the stage regardless. He then went on to win Rally Finland that year.

Earlier (some 11 months ago) I did a video where I "blocked my view" to recreate that moment. The joke of the video: I actually didn't block the view. It was actually funny and everything. Then sadly in May of this year Timo Mäkinen passed away and I started feeling somewhat bad about the video. Well not bad, it's still hilarious imo, but I wanted to do a proper video with the same idea, not downplaying the amazing drive of Mäkinen. I made a new video and this time actually I blocked my view to closely recreate the magical moment. And to raise awareness of how impossibly difficult and impressive that drive of Mäkinen really was.

Spoiler alert: Driving is really stupid hard with your bonnet open. 

Here's the video, enjoy!

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Big Shot YouTuber JSR DEVON Appears On REDBULL For Interview
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FTR Open Lobby
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GTR Merginator Forza 6 Community Stream!
Lobby opens at 7:45am, racing starts at 8am CST (Central Standard Time).

Spec racing for 4 hours. 

Random grid starts.

Last 4 to forfeit spot in lobby for others waiting to race. Can return after next race.

Final 2 hours will be an endurance race: cars/track TBD.
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Top 5 DiRT 4 RX Tracks
Top 5 DiRT 4 RX Tracks by Merginator (also replace all instances of Ghost=Joker)
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Grand Final : British GT eSports Championship : Catalunya
Grand Final : British GT eSports Championship : Catalunya
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2017 YMTV Petite Le Mans Livery Contest Showcase
2017 YMTV Petite Le Mans Livery Contest Showcase by Merginator
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Find Five Friday Forza Motorposrt 7
Find Five Friday Forza Motorposrt 7 with solution!
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