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    Friday Night fun

    Join us on a varying event each friday evening CET time. We'll be racing any car on any track combination that makes sence. Info on each session will be available on this page, with information on plugins and mods. All are welcome and all levels or skill are accepted. Just be careful, respectful and not malicious.
  2. Steph

    What do you want!?

    We have huge plans for this site, but want you to tell us what you want the most. This allows us to simultaneously take one step at a time, but also be sure we take the right step in the direction users want. Why not all at once? We have done this already. To be fair, this would be the best option, but it won't work. We have already launched this site before, with a full list of features enabled. It had several drawbacks, partly us not focusing enough on optimizing each feature, and partly users being confused on what each feature was. We have since swiped the site down and started again from scratch, to focus on what really counts, and also to consider each move before making it. The options Blogs: Lets users create blogs about their content and passion. We imagine this is idea for people to share their videos, pictures, liveries, thoughts, ideas solutions and guides. Marketplace: Enables members to list items for sale/trade, between each other. We imagine this could be ideal for used rigs, accessories, DIY sets, mods, guides or even services like livery design, tuning, coaching etc Clubs: users can create their own public, private or hidden clubs, to run series, events or even just grouped interests like car photography, livery painting etc. Clubs have their own discussions/forum, calendar, blog, pages etc File hosting: allows moders to upload files, that users can download, review, rate or comment on. This could be used for car or track mods for any game/sim or for software and apps that can help in racing Gallery: A place for users to upload images and have other users view, rate and comment on them. Calendar: A calendar that lists specific sim racing events, series, leagues, launches broadcasts etc. Please do let us know what you'd like this site to be, and also get in touch with @Steph if you would like to help or get involved in any way!
  3. Steph


    We're rebuilding this site from scratch, and need all the help we can get to make it as good as possible. If you want to join the team, and be part of creating a very visionary, ambitious and maybe optimistic project within the online racing community please get in touch! Whatever you are good at, be it graphics, social media, videos, moderating, engaging etc. We can use any talent, and any person willing to put in the effort and passion for online racing. Keep an eye on this page, for more information on what we want this site to be. If you want to hear more, or get involved, get in touch with one of the Administrators.
  4. I won't be around much between 22nd Dec to 27th Dec due to work, but will try to visit in here once in a while to follow up on discussions!

  5. Steph

    Racing League

    What we want this site to be, is a big racing hub for all communities that somehow are involved in online racing, and sim racing in general. This can be communities that arrange leagues and races, but also passionate groups about painting cars, photography, commentary or even just fooling around and cruising. We're going to start by massively focusing on leagues and clubs. We want to offer the option to run your own club, for whatever aspect of racing you are passionate about. Keep an eye on this page for more information!
  6. Steph

    AVR Relaunch

    All Virtual Racing has just been relaunched. It's more a reset, because the whole site has been deleted and reinstalled, to start from scratch. It was a pretty cool site, with way too many features to define a true function. Basically, it was too good! Now, we are starting from scratch, getting the right people together, and building it once more, with focus on the features that we really want, and taking it much slower than the first time. Keep an eye on the page, to follow on new, updates and plans for the future
  7. Steph

    AVR Relaunch

    You can also find all setups on this spreadsheet
  8. Steph

    AVR Relaunch

    Hey Yab The only thing the site really was being used for were the setups that Janne typed in. He did make a backup of them, and is currently sharing them on Discord. You should be able to join here