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  1. This is really awesome! what sim is it from?
  2. Steph

    Rfactor2 on triples

    Is the middle on slightly smaller or just an illusion?
  3. Steph

    Transparency Statement

    I have been wanting to write this page for a while, to be clear about what this website is, what I am trying to achieve with it, and what the plans with it are. To clarify further, I sometimes refer to the website as us, or we. "Help us spread the word", "We love what you're doing". This is mainly to sound fancy. It really is just me, although I am very much looking for a team to work with on it (more on this further down this page). Money, money, money... As of now, the website has cost me a fair bit to set up, and has some running costs that keep accumulating. It is free to use, and I would prefer to let it be so, but I am open to and consider some features that will require payment (mainly for businesses to post/advertise on the site). The numbers (as of today - July 3rd 2019) are as such: PS: payments have been made in Euro and/or DKK but have been translated to $ because according to statistics this is where most of the site visitors are from. Expenses Onetime payments: $741 Running yearly payments: $262 Total payments up til now: $1265 On top of this, i have had a few developers, and graphic designers work on a few issues, that i have not added to these expenses. Revenue I must notice here, that I have not registered a company and therefore revenue is more of an "incoming" statement, than actual revenue. The only way og generating this, at the moment is through advertisements that i set up mid March 2019) Google Advertisements: $0 (although by now I have a $3.50 balance that can be paid when it reaches $90) Private Advertisements: $0 Donations: $0 This is the money part of this website, and yes it is not great, but this is not why its here. I don't plan to, or want to get rich with this website. Actually I don't even plan on making a living out of it. If/when the expenses get covered and it can keep running without me having to put money into it every year (currently $262), then i will be glad. If it can make more than this, I really hope to be able to put it back into the website, to expand functionality, develop new features and improve usability and maybe some marketing. If it all works out, I'd love to be able to spend some money to buy prizes for competition winners or pay to have commentators broadcast special events etc. The Idea! This whole thing, started back when I started racing on X Box and looking for other racers to race with. Most of them wanted me to sign up to a semi active and badly designed forum, read their rules, pick a number, tell a few things about my self etc. All I wanted was to join in a few races, to see if their racing style, standards and series matched with what I wanted. If not a forum, then it was a Facebook Group, Discord server or similar solution that i found (and still find) way too noisy, cluttered and disorganized. My idea was to set up a website, similar to other free hosted forum, but with a joined user account. This means that clubs could create their own groups, but users would only need to sign up once and then join any club/group that they are interested in. This has evolved quite a bit, and currently there are tons of really cool features for clubs. On top of this new ideas have been added. For example, users can run their own private blogs, to tell about their races, share guides, ideas and thoughts, or even showcase their liveries, setups, photos etc. A few more features have been added, for image and file sharing (with comments and rating) for users to share their photography, setups, apps etc. Future Plans I am very much open to suggestions, ideas and ways to improve the site, but at the moment I am mostly focused on getting people to use the site. There are already great features that I am sure people will love. I am also looking for people to join the administrative area of the site. If you feel that you are good at moderating and keeping things under control, or if you have experience with communities, social media etc and want to join, please get in touch! Business partners and partnerships are also highly interesting. Not only am I looking for someone to help set up and take care of the business part of the site, but also partnerships with sponsors, developers and manufacturers is a high importance future task on my list. Please do comment bellow with your thoughts, ideas and comments. I'd love to hear from you about this. It is a pretty big part of my free time (besides sim racing) that i do think of constantly!
  4. The site needs a cooler logo but there's no money to hire a graphics designer to do it. On top of that, it would be great to have someone with at least a little interest in motorsports do it, so that it has a "racing" feel to it. AVR is basically a place where sim racers can create a blog and write/share their thoughts, product reviews, race recaps, livery designs, setups etc. They can also team up and run small communities with with their own forum, calendar, blog etc. It is all free and the site makes very little proffit from the ads displayed (actually not enough to bet paid yet) To get as many suggestions as possible, this competition will run for 1 week and will end Sunday the 7th July at midnight CET. Anybody can submit a logo and it can be anything you feel would be great! You can draw it on paper, do in on Paint, use pro tools like Illustrator or Photoshop. Anything will be considered, although high resolution images and filetypes such as PDF, EPS, PNG, PDF, AI and JPG will be apreciated. There are no rules to what kind of logo will win, but as it stands, simple logos, with a retro-ish feel, and with a touch of motorsport, will be prioritized, but the whole reason why this competition is here, is to surprise! There is no saying what can win! You can submit your logo suggestions here.
  5. Steph

    Pcars 2

  6. Steph

    Pcars 2

  7. Steph

    Pcars 2

  8. Steph

    Pcars 2

  9. Steph

    Pcars 2

  10. Steph

    Pcars 2

  11. Steph


    Project Cars 2 (xbox)
  12. Steph

    BMW Art car

    Project Cars 2 (xbox)
  13. Steph

    BMW Z4

    Assetto Corsa (xbox)

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