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  1. It's been too long since i last did, so can't remember exactly, but i am pretty sure that everything was the same, except that the race starts with warm tires. Also, the car will get back to more or less manageable after - laps, so i expect that the tire blankets were too warm. But nothing that keeps me up at night any more, because i've changed games 🙂

  2. Interesting post here @Captain McJuicy

    Back in the day, when i raced Pcars 2, i had problems with pressures/temperatures huge variations between practice/qualifying and race. A setup that would work great for practice and qualifying, would be totally sliding everywhere once i got into a race. My solution was to simply let it pick tires by weather, but it was not ideal.

    How do you explain the shift from practice to race tires, when conditions are the same? I think its about tire warmers, but not sure!

  3. 1 thing i noticed is, that although you are in front and have the right to a corner, you can't expect other drivers to disapear if they already are there, or for them to brake if they are very close. Take a look at lap ine, in the Amman Kurve. Thats the right/left combination in the back straight, right before the final big curve. I'd say that you should hav eexpected the opponent to be on your inside there, and should have left some more space.

  4. AVR Relaunch

    5 hours ago, Yab said:

    All content gone and not accessible eslewhere ? pity as it was a great source of inspiration for car setups

    Hey Yab

    The only thing the site really was being used for were the setups that Janne typed in. He did make a backup of them, and is currently sharing them on Discord. You should be able to join here

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