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  1. gt3racer21

    Bathurst 12Lap

    Bathurst 12Lap enduro this Saturday @ 12:00 noon est. Xbox one. GT3/GT4, standing start, 20' quali followed by race. 9/16 cars entered so far. If interested in joining lmk gt: gt3racer21 or join the Good Racing Group club page on XB1 for more info.
  2. gt3racer21

    "20 minutes of Daytona"

    Hosting a "20 minutes of Daytona" race on PC2 on Xbox this Sunday at 12:00 noon. Time zone is eastern USA. GT3/GTE/LMP2 classes, day/night/day weather, performance impacting damage, realistic aids. Driver + team points will be logged with the Online Championship feature. 5/16 spots are already filled. There will be a 25 min qualifying/warm up session with the race immediately after. Looking for a fun event before the real deal with good decent drivers and a full field. Let me know if you have any questions.