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  1. Thanks for making these, I'm really liking these and improving with them, thanks.
  2. Can you put locations in the ads, it might be better for people across the pond or somewhere else so we don't have to pay for an extraordinary shipping cost, other then that, like the idea just live in the U.S *Ok, I just didn't see it*
  3. It overall looks like a good race, however, you did make a few errors in passing, (small bumps/pushing wide) which you already addressed, but if you know a car is passing you and you do not know if you are clear, aim to give them room, I've been spun out a few times not giving people room who are on my quarter panel. Also, I'd aim to use the curb a bit less, it gives you good time if you can keep it under control but if you can't (like me) then it upsets the balance of the car and loses you more time then you would have gained. Other then that, you look very good, good job.
  4. If it is a longer corner, talk about middle, where you have to maintain speed without spinning the wheels or unbalancing the car, this is something I have a ton of trouble with.
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