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  1. After an unexpected failure with my TV I must announce that I have no idea when I'll be able to race again on PS4. So for now the sim racing journey is indefinitely on hold. 😭
  2. Well guys, I've finally put a victory on YouTube again. Stay tuned, because tonight at 9pm est I'll be in the same car at the same track and I'm probably gonna stream it. Also considering some of the questions I have been asked, I'm wondering if I might make a video explaining what my process is for preparing for a race. The reason I haven't done a video such as this is simply because I've been learning a lot lately. I'd rather not make such a video until I am a bit more consistent with my race results.
  3. The temp variance is determined largely by track conditions, vehicle weight, and simply how hard you push, so it's difficult to provide a bench mark on that for me. As for the full tank question, I practice for whatever type of race I'm doing. If it's an hour race or more, most likely a full tank or whatever I think will get me through 40 minutes. This is on average for me how long I can keep a set of tires in raceable condition.
  4. This was what my comment was in response to also.
  5. Admittedly I haven't very well figured out that part of PC2, I've found that often depending on the race length and vehicle weight it's sometimes better to start the race with a much lower pressure and work the suspension and tire wear during my testing. This way during the race I can push hard at the beginning and get the pressure up without destroying the tires first. Of course a race with a pit stop also makes this issue much easier to manage. It's also important to remember to compensate adjustments. When changing tire pressures, you will most likely end up needing to adjust suspension or damping. The primary key is that all adjustments work together. So I might suggest (long story short) that experimenting with spring rate, antiroll, and camber should help make pressures stay more even. It takes several hours of testing for me to develop a car, and technically no setup is ever finished lol.
  6. Probably your first and often most major adjustment, tire pressure is incredibly important to stabilizing your car's handling, as well as optimizing top speed. Below is a handy guide to help you determine what tire pressure you need for any car on any track. Calculator may be required.
  7. I talk about F1 and things while having a drive in Project Cars 2.
  8. I will be hosting a race in Project Cars 2 on PS4. Tues, Apr 23 at 2pm EST. Drop your PSN if you're interested.
  9. Right now I've got a lot of content to edit, so I'm not sure if I'll be uploading this week. But starting next week, every Monday I will upload a weekly update so you know what you can expect that week. So subscribe to make sure you don't miss a thing!
  10. The title video for the Captain McJuicy YouTube channel.
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