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  1. FrostAviation

    F1 2017 Career Race Replay: Malaysia

    Hey guys! It's been awhile, but I finally got around to driving F1 2017 again, and streamed my Malaysia race last night. I won't spoil anything, but you won't be disappointed; it was a spectacular race that wasn't supposed to be. Check it out: In other news, GMS will be running the iRacing 12hr of Sebring and will be streamed live likely on the same Twitch channel, so be sure to tune in for that and follow for much more!
  2. Hey guys! Just one more reminder to come watch Gonzalez AVR Motorsports's debut in the iRacing Daytona 24, my Twitch channel will be live here: Thanks for tuning in and supporting us!
  3. FrostAviation

    Merry Christmas

    Bernie says, "When you driver never drink!"
  4. FrostAviation

    Come join me in Assetto Corsa!

    Yep! Should've mentioned.
  5. FrostAviation

    Come join me in Assetto Corsa!

    Hey guys! Sorry for the absence, I've just been sorting out school and work. However, I'm on break now, so I can finally enjoy myself! On that note, I'm inviting anyone with Assetto Corsa PC and at least semi-adequate skills to come join me and my friend Curtis for some fun racing with all free content! For example, tonight we ran GT3 cars at Cadwell Park. It was incredible how tight the racing was, and we wished we had more drivers to tangle with! If you're interested, post a comment below and I'll PM you the link to the discord. Or, if you know someone that'd be interested, link them to this post. I'll also post in the discord anytime we decide to race. Come on and join the fun!
  6. FrostAviation

    F1 2017 Career Race Report - Belgium

    Yeah, it's not that I lost interest, but more that I need to work harder to get where I need to be.
  7. FrostAviation

    F1 2017 Career Race Report - Belgium

    THIS IS NOT A RACE REPORT. THIS IS A RANT/REPORT HYBRID. So, with that out of the way, here comes... oh god. Spa, requiring a good chassis, good PU, and consistency, none of which I possess. I qualified P13. Race start. I did it good. Never mind, just gonna chip off my front wing real quick Here's a cool picture because I was bored and nothing was happening to me See those missing wing bits? Yeah, I know right"Fuck This" levels increasing Fast Forward like 20 laps because nothing happened at all, here comes orange boy Ima pass yo ass Ok brake late sure Not givin' in are ya YEAH SIDEPOD SLAP BABY REMEMBER HUNGARY? HERE YA GO AGAIN FUCKING ANNIHILATED OK LETS BRING IT TO THE PITS AND SALVAGE A NICE P18 I want to die. But for real, I'm not gonna do any more of these for a while or forever because I wanna just be focused solely on my performance as a driver and not worry about getting pictures. If you liked 'em, thanks for tuning in. If you didn't like em, well, I got other things I wanna put on here, so stay tuned.
  8. FrostAviation

    (Fictional) Minneapolis ePrix Circuit

    Just a quick post: go to this link to check out a fictional ePrix circuit I made out of the U of M campus roads! I finished Spa qualifying as well
  9. FrostAviation

    A proper introduction from myself: I warn you it is a long one

    Get F1 2017 so I can race you m8y
  10. FrostAviation

    Find Five Friday

    -Stripe on front jack -White stripe on right marshal's back -Yellow pit box striping -Gearbox light -Helmet vent on RR tire carrier Got em all!
  11. FrostAviation

    iRacing AVR Corvette C7DP

    Gonzalez Motorsports' entry in the 2018 iRacing 24hr of Daytona.
  12. FrostAviation

    Updated pics of our 2018 iRacing C7DP!

    Since my first post about my iRacing endeavors, Gonzalez Motorsports has partnered with AllVirtualRacing, and our paint has been updated to reflect that! Check it out: I do hope the other drivers don't see the target-looking AVR logo as a place to punt me at. Anyways, Let me know what you all think!
  13. FrostAviation

    I'm running the 2018 iRacing 24hr of Daytona!

    Hey guys! You've probably noticed I haven't been posting much. I've taken a bit of a hiatus from F1 2017 to prepare a Corvette C7DP for me and two friends to race in the 2018 iRacing 24hr of Daytona. We just got the idea to do it earlier this month, yet so far we already have telemetry data, a paint scheme, and a setup that's almost ready to race. Here's some pics of the car: We're racing for the Gonzalez Motorsports iRacing Endurance Team, owned by one of the drivers, Eric Gonzalez. He wanted the most American paint scheme possible, and Curtis (the other driver) and I collaborated on it and produced something great for our iRacing special event debut. I'll be periodically posting updates on our progress right here on Off The Pace, so stay tuned if you're interested! I also plan on streaming a majority of the race, and the link to my YouTube channel is here: Anyways guys, thanks for being patient. F1 2017 will likely be back soon (unless Assetto Corsa gets in the way, too!)
  14. I'm gonna do a double report here because I did the races one right after another this time! Like I mentioned previously, the sharkfin name and custom helmet went bye-bye, as I use online pretty regularly with a league and the process to uninstall and reinstall the textures is just a big hassle. I did, however, make a new in-game helmet. Silverstone Circuit is a great combination of all types of corners and straights. It feels like you visit three different tracks throughout the lap! The car was on pace through practice and qualifying, which gave us P6 on the grid come race day. Unfortunately, race day was soaked. I did my best with the start and managed to hang on to our position. From then on, the race became very processional, as do most in the wet. After the heavy rain period, I stopped for inters, unfortunately undercut by Max and Felipe the previous lap. I slowly lost time to Max, and before I knew it, I was alone. It stayed that way until the track dried enough for me to slip on some slick kicks. I found myself in a fight with tortilla man for P7, which I won and cruised home with. It was boring. Really boring. Pretty unfortunate for the track being this enjoyable to drive. After inter conditions arrived, the car just lost a lot of pace and I had to settle with what I had: P7. On to Hungary: The Challenge of Monaco without the fun or historical significance™. Hungary can honestly, excuse my french, suck my dick. It's nearly impossible to get up to speed or get into a rhythm, and to add on to that, you basically can't pass anywhere except T1 or T2. On top of that, I decided to turn off flashbacks and use 95% difficulty (up from 90%) starting this weekend. Exhibit A (FP2 and FP3 [Not joking: I crashed in the same place in both practice sessions]) I also crashed completely out of FP1. So yeah. After all the carnage, I decided to grab a sixth of every engine part and run out some old parts. I dawdled around in Q2, having gotten out of Q1 just to see what the pace was like. P20 it was as we lined up on the grid. A hard dive into T1 got me into P15. I fought past Lance Stroll as a plane landed in the background. Nice touch! I quickly learned that it's gonna be a bit more difficult to overtake with the higher difficulty, and Fernando showed me a hard time through the chicane. I did get past him after some more willpower on my part. After that, I settled in and focused on staying with the train ahead of me. I almost had GrossJeans behind me out of T1, but he resisted and kept beside me through T2. He finally cracked into T3. Massa became public enemy #1 after that. Unlucky for me, some early pitters came out in front. I decided I'd had enough and pit for Mediums on lap 13 to complete a 1-stop strategy. KMag emerged a lap later, showing me the runoff in the process. Hulkenberg was right! Sainz also emerged a lap later, and I tucked in behind him. I got the DRS with him as we shot towards turn 2. He had a major lockup, and I quickly seized the opportunity. TOO MUCH SEIZING TOO MUCH SE- I pit for a wing, just to see where we might end up. aaaannnnddd P20. I decided to retire on lap 20 to save my gearbox the pain of just riding around on this hellhole of a racetrack. However, after all of that bullshit, ya know what Emma and the team did? First Driver. It's my time now.
  15. FrostAviation

    F1 2017 Photo Shoot - Austria

    So, here's Austria. It's kinda cool, I guess. Instead of a typical race report, I've just decided to let you guys have a look at the amazing screenshots I got from the race weekend. I installed a custom helmet and sharkfin with my name in it, but they may not stay for too long because I race online semi-regularly. Anyway, I started P7 and Finished P5, another solid points run. I thought I may have had a chance for a podium in the closing laps; I was pushing my car the hardest I ever have. It wasn't to be, but the pics here make up for it. I learned how to make the custom paint and such from Krisdix's videos, check them out here: Helmet: Sharkfin: