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Hi everyone my buddy and I will compete on RF2 in a french GT3 championship. The champ' is run by Team LSF and it is season 3.

We are Alundrat Racing Team, those liveries where made by me.
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So having had a great intro clip made for my by the sites very own Mr Jensen, I decided it would be a nice way of repaying him by offering my hand at designing some liveries for some cars on Iracing, here are the results....
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SRW Season 5 Pro and EVO series!
Monday August 12 was the date the registration for Simracersworld season 5 GT PRO series went live.
GT PRO series is an all GT3 league held in iRacing.
Registration opened at 18.00GMT, it was full 3 minutes later.
SRW's success seems to have no boundaries with a big group of people who made it all possible.

Same as previous seasons races will be broadcasted on apex racing TV on youtube and facebook.

Because the PRO series has turned out to be extremely popular, we have created the EVO league, this all new league will mirror the PRO league, but will be held on thursday nights, and will unfortunately not be broadcasted, however due to this, the EVO league will be free of charge to participate!
Registration fo EVO league will open up august 19th, so claim your spot when registration opens!

For more information visit our Website: 



Simracersworld Esports Racing team and European GT3 iRacing league

Or join our Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/Simracersworld/



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ERL: SuperLeague
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Heavy Equipment Side Panel for Racing
Buttonboxes are very cool if not necessary to have, when racing online. They are basically simply buttons that you assign different functions to. This is a review of the Heavy Equiptment Side Panel by Logitech, used for racing.
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Transparency Statement
Transparency Statement: Anything you'd have thought we'd hide about the site!
A short read, with a honest review of what AVR is, how it came about, what it's making, what its doing and what it wants to become.
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Avoiding frustration
When we think about racing we mostly think about turning fast laps, qualifying well, and then finishing it all off with a podium finish or a win. The sad reality is that’s just not how racing works. The truth can often be much harder to swallow. It can even be frustrating. Let’s talk briefly about frustration in racing and having realistic expectations.

Causes of Frustration

When racing, there are all kinds of things that can get in the way of a top finish. Lack of practice, bad qualifying stint, or even just getting tangled up in traffic. Maybe your setup just isn’t where it should be for this race. Maybe your pit strategy isn’t great for this race. Maybe your nerves got the better of you and you’ve run off the track. Or maybe it’s as simple as being stuck behind a slower car who is heavily defending.

Whatever the reasons, frustration can ruin your race. Allowing yourself to become angry or frustrated only compounds the problems you’re already having.

As hard as it may be you must try to stay focused and calm. Things may have already gotten off to a less than great start so now it’s time to focus on your race pace and make up as much as you can.If you’re stuck in heavy traffic, then keeping your cool is very important. Taking somebody else out because you’re pushing too hard is unacceptable. You should never ruin somebody else’s race because you were frustrated. Keep your head. Keep digging and try to safely improve your situation.

Realistic Expectations

What you expect going into a race is going to largely affect how your race goes. If you were slow in practice and slow in qualifying, I’ve got some bad news for you. You’re probably going to be slow in the race too. Qualifying mid pack and trying to pass 10 cars with a dive bomb is not real racing. It’s a bad attempt to make up positions on cars that are probably faster than you. Diving into the inside on turn 1 causes more crashes than anything else in racing. If you’re a real racing driver and you believe at all in respectful racing, you don’t do this.
Instead try to be positive about where you are starting. If you’re mid pack, then focus on racing your race and see if you can make up some spots. Some of the best racing you’ll ever have in your racing career (real or sim) will be mid pack. Good battles for positions happen all through the field, not just up front. Focus on what you can salvage through good races instead of resorting to desperate racing

Racing beyond your limits will result in crashes, runoffs, and even a DNF (did not finish). A DNF is the worst-case scenario here. Instead of losing everything because you were frustrated, try to make the best out of the situation.
As a long-time sim racer, some of the best battles I’ve ever experienced were in the middle or even the back of the pack. Focus on what’s good and let the rest go. You’ll have a much more fulfilling experience and much less stressful racing career.
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Alright boys and girls let’s get into some nitty gritty.

Take a look at this race and tell me what I did wrong here. It’s a pretty clean race, but there are several things that can be tightened up for sure.


I normally run a minimum of 20 laps in races like this, but for the sake of capturing I ran a sprint. It’s an
older video, but it will work just fine for our purposes here. Racecraft 101.
How about it all you veteran racers? If I was running 25 laps in this race instead of 4, what was I doing
wrong? How good or bad were my interactions with the other cars?

Key Points:
• Pushed car off during first turn
• Could have left more room taking 2nd
• Raced at qualifying race – tires would be spent sooner in a longer race
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Attacking Corners
Attacking corners 


Today we need to talk about how to handle corners. I’ve seen a lot of new racers posting about “just got my first wheel and pedals” and so on. Let’s give them some help. 


The first thing you need to know is that slower, really is faster. If you are frantic into the corner and end up braking too hard and losing the balance of the car....you’re not going to have a good corner exit. 


You have to think about turns in two parts. Entry and exit. The better you enter the turn, the faster and smoother your exit will be. If you’re sliding or have pushed past the exit you’re not going to be able to exit properly. 


This scenario here (see pic) is one that happened to me. As you can see I am sitting at the apex of the turn where the other car pushed beyond it. Coming out of this corner I have a couple of options. 


1) drive up alongside him and be on the outside in the next turn


2) if he blocks down then cross him over putting me on the inside for the next turn. 


What happened was he tried to move over in front of me which allowed me to easily cross over to his right. This also gave me the position to finish him off cleanly in the next corner. 


What about the rest of you guys? What tips do you have for newer drivers about “attacking corners”?

Tips from fellow drivers:
• Use the least amount of steering inputs possible. A car is always fastest when going straight.
• Always try to complete your maximum breaking before beginning to turn in. Once you’ve got
that down, begin to introduce Trail Braking – an advanced braking technique where you go from
maximum braking to gradually letting off the brake as you gradually turn the steering wheel.
• Record yourself doing some practice or qualifying laps, then watch them from different angles
to see how close you actually were to a goal versus how close you thought you were.
• Put off using an H-Pattern shifter (stick shift) until you can manage your brakes, acceleration and
driving lines.
• Look for Sim Racing YouTubers like Driver61, Empty Box, ViperConcept, SimRacing604, etc.
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The one thing I don’t think we talk about enough is racecraft. There’s a lot of new racers joining all the time or guys who are upgrading from a game pad and console......to a pc and a wheel. Especially right now being tax season. We need to help some of these guys with tips from the more seasoned drivers. 


I’ll kick it off:


My first piece of advice for somebody who is new to Sim Racing is to practice/race long stints. Don’t just run 5 laps and tweak, 5 more laps and tweak again.... if you’re doing this, you aren’t setting yourself up for success in the longer races you’ll find either online or in career modes across the many sims that are out there. 


Instead run longer sessions. Learn to feel the tires change and feel the brakes change. Get used to finding yourself in “the zone” where you are turning laps with very little thought involved. This will make you a much more rhythmic driver and will make you more consistent!


Anybody else got some tips for new drivers?
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