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  1. Steph

    Sim Racing Broadcast


    Sim Racing Broadcast took me a long time to finish, mostly because i couldn't get it quite right. The finished logo is alright, but not quite what i had in mind when i started with it. Still, the owner is happy and that's the most important thing. To finish it all up, I made 3 short logo reveals. I like the middle one best, but i shared the two others too, so that they wouldn't go to waste all_3.mp4
  2. Is that Forza @Budge? It look s like fun!
  3. Steph


    1 download

    I really struggled to get this right, but eventually, @thebeardyguy ended up picking a very simple but stylish text only logo. Although I spent a lot of time trying different things out (even things not shown here) i really like the final one that got picked. After settling with a logo, I also worked on a logo reveal video, that combined his new logo and the team that he's racing in. logoandrevolution.mp4
  4. Steph

    Just Sim Racing Logo


    I did a few logos for a broadcaster, mainly to get the hang of this. They turned out pretty well, and i hope they will use them. If you want a logo for your new project, do get in touch and we'll figure something out
  5. Throughout the couple of years that I have raced on the console, I have always had a mixed feeling of admiration and jealousy for the people racing on a wheel. It was clear that racing-games are meant to be raced with a racing wheel, and I felt that racing with the controller, although it felt pretty comfortable, was only a taste of what the games really could do. What convinced me that spending the money on a wheel was worth it, was a comparison I read about playing Guitar Hero with a controller. It can be done, and you can be good at it, but none the less, using the special Guitar shaped input device, is really how this game was intended to be played. So I went ahead and jumped in with both legs. I had been looking at a few option, but eventually went with the Logitech G920 and the Wheel Stand Pro. I wanted an entry wheel that was affordable, but had feedback, 3 pedals and also was compatible with both the Xbox One and Windows (mostly in case I might get a computer later on). The Wheel Stand Pro was a necessity, as I use my TV, and don’t have a desk to mount it on. Starting out I had never used a racing wheel before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard people say that they didn’t get faster right away, but the immersion and the fun made it worth it, and that it felt a lot more like sitting in a real car. I can tell you that it feels nothing like sitting in a real car. Besides having the wheel, and the pedals at the right place, it really felt very artificial and honestly difficult to understand. After the initial buyer’s remorse, I started realizing, that what this wheel is trying to do is pretty impressive. All the information about grip, surface, bumps, damage etc needs to go through that wheel, but it would usually be something you felt with your entire body. After a few days, I started understanding the wheel and beginning to like it. Non the less, it was immediately apparent, that you can place the car a whole lot more precise on the track, and your racing lines get very sharp almost instantly. This doesn’t necessarily make you faster. In fact, I am a lot slower now, but as I can understand, it can take quite some time for you to get back to the same level as you were with a controller. For some, this can take up to a few months! I can agree with most other racers, that the pure joy and fun of racing with a wheel, compensates for the bad performance. The brake pedal, was hard to love The pedals were a challenge for me. First of all, using your feet and legs in a game, really felt very strange. I use them every day to drive my real life car, but to sit in front of my TV and use my feet for what I usually would have used my finger to do, really felt awkward. It took me a few weeks to really activate my feet! FOTO: Ricmotech Another challenge for me was the hardness of the brake. I know that this is an issue for many, and in reality, it might not have been an issue for me, if I hadn’t heard about it. The brake uses a spring to give a certain resistance, but the problem is, that inside that spring, Logitech has placed a rubber “cuboid“. This rubber stopper is hard enough to stop most of the pedal travel but soft enough to press it even further, using some extra power. You’ll need a lot of extra power to suppress it to 100% though, and some have felt that it might be too much. I too felt that I could not press it hard enough to stop the car properly. I had a few options to resolve this issue. Use the clutch pedal I don’t have the gear switcher, so I don’t use the clutch. A workaround for the hard brake pedal could be to remap the brake to the clutch pedal, that has a more linear resistance. Remove the rubber stopper You can take apart the pedal set, and remove the rubber stopper. This leaves the spring in, still giving a more or less linear resistance. Adjust the calibration When you calibrate the pedals, you are asked to press them all the way, so that the game knows how far the pedal can go. When calibrating the brake pedal, you can press it to the maximum level that feels comfortable to you. Then the game will distribute the braking range, across that range and you will be getting 100% brake at what you feel comfortable Adjust brake pressure Besides adjusting the calibration, you can often change the brake pressure for each car. You can increase the brake pressure to the point that they lock up when you brake the hardest you can. This can vary from car to car, and from track to track (not to mention conditions) so it is not a consistent change. FOTO: Gteye Mod the pedal There are endless options to buy aftermarket solutions to this problem. You can buy other springs, or replace the rubber stopper with more flexible stoppers. Ricmotech, even makes a force sensitive upgrade. What this does, it measures the power you put down on the pedal, instead of measuring the travel of the pedal. It even will replace the spring to make the pedal ease back to neutral position, instead of simply snapping back as it does by default. This simulates the hydraulic brakes you’ll find in most modern cars. Leave it as it is What I ended doing, was leave it and simply get used to it. This is really not a solution, but a conclusion I realized, once I understood what Logitech really was trying to do with this rubber stopper. In a real car, you have the brake pads closing in on the braking disc. Once they clamp around the disc, you usually can’t suppress the brake pedal anymore, but you can still press harder and get the braking pads to grab harder around the disc. When racing, you’ll need different levels of braking throughout the track. For light brakings, such as soft corners, or for weight transfer, I’ll press the brake pedal soft enough to reach the rubber stopper. For tight corners, hairpins or close encounters with other cars, I’ll press a lot harder, and go deep into the rubber stopper. I never seem to need 100% braking power so this suits me pretty well. You will need to get used to using your legs a whole lot more and aggressively. Depending on your position, this might be harder than for others. If you sit in a more upright position, it might be easier for you to brake hard, compared to one who races in a more laid back position. Non the less, it is a matter of getting used to it. The first time I tried Assetto Corsa with the brake pedal, I was pretty sure that I would never be able to press it hard enough, but it turned out to be just perfect for me, once I got used to it. Originally posted here
  6. Steph

    Top iRacing Addons

    @Jeff IracingIflag i've just set up the reviews blog, that is open to all registered users of AllVirtualRacing. You are welcome to spread the word to your reviewers. They are welcome to post about iRacingFlag, and also to embed any video, audio or images they may have.
  7. Steph

    Top iRacing Addons

    Thanks @Jeff IracingIflag I just had a quick listen, but will have to wait for later and listen to it somewhere quiet, because its too noisy here (or they have recorded it too low?). Anyways, i think maybe it could be interesting to do a reviews section here on AllVirtualRacing.com and let people who have tried different products, services and apps, share their thoughts and experiences.
  8. Steph

    Top iRacing Addons

    Thanks for this! I have heard a lot of good things about SimHub, and will certainly have to give it a try sometime soon. Mostly all dashboards run on external screens and phones though. Have you tried JRT and how does it compare to that?
  9. This is a short overview with a few logo reveals where the logo has been replace with numbers. Many of these have customisation options, but it depends on many things. If you're interested, do get in touch with @Steph and we can have a talk about your options. I offer these as a pay what you want service, where the whole amount goes to covering the cost of running and improving this website. medium.mov
  10. Steph

    Sim Racing Guys


    The Sim Racing Guys needed an intro for a new project that they are launching soon. I couldn't make up my mind between the background colors so I ended up making two. One with a red background and the other with a very dark grey. You can comment bellow, and tell me which one you like the best! black.mp4 red.mp4 I ended up making a third video for these guys that was slightly longer. For this, I can customise the two colors of the stripes as well as the background colour. longer.mp4
  11. Steph

    Dale Trickle


    Dave had a logo with a white background. I did a quick and dirty background removal that although not proper, it worked out pretty well. DALE.mp4
  12. Buttonboxes are very cool if not necessary to have, when you’re racing online. They are basically simply buttons that you assign different functions to. This allows you to adjust those functions and settings on the run, while you’re driving, without having to use sliders, the mouse or the keyboard. It all boils down to maintaining focus on the driving as much as possible. I have lost a fair bit of races because i had to adjust fuel, or pit stop strategy while i was on the straights. Buttonboxes can be bought separately. You can even make one yourself, and many have told me that i should have made one instead of buying one. Honestly though, everything is easy, if your know what you’re doing. Also i wanted something that looked good, and was not just a piece of wood with buttons on it. The Pannel I had seen at several alternatives but i ended up buying the Logitech Heavy Duty Equiptment Side Panel. This is originally a part of a bundle specifically made for Farming Simulators. You can buy the bundle that includes a wheel and two pedals, but from what i hear, those should be pretty low quality and really not suited for racing. Actually, some farming simulator fans, buy racing wheels and pedals because they are so much better. You can buy the side panel separately though, and this is what i did. The price was a bit steep, but it was a very easy upgrade for my rig, to simply buy this and get a big number of varied function buttons, with warranty and a simple plug and play installation. It looks pretty nice next to my rig, and although it take up a considerably large space on the rig, it really integrates well. 24 + Buttons What really made me go for this, was the huge amount of buttons. 24 standard buttons that could free up some of the functions on my wheel, and let me only use those for the ones i used often. I mostly race the simpler classes in iRacing, so i am not using close to all of the buttons yet. At some point, when i get into the faster and more complicated cars, like LMP1, Formula 1 or even the GT3 and GTE cars, i am sure that i will be very happy to have access to all these buttons. The small wheel to the left, can be used for slider adjustments. I have set this to brake balance, but can also be used for Traction Control or other settings that have varied value settings. The joystick i had initially thought of using for my view. It has a standard joystick function that i have used to look left and right as well as up and down. I rarely use this though, after i got triple screens. You can also twist the joystick, but this did not register with iRacing. It did work well on other sims though. On top of the joystick are two buttons. One of them allows it to switch to an other function, allowing you to basically have to functions to this one joystick, and the other button works as a standard button. Does it work? Partly yes, and partly no. I actually wanted this back in the day where i still was racing on xBox One. I was very dissapointed that this did not work on the console, so once i bought the PC setup, this was one of the first upgrades i bought! It really does the job as i expected. All the buttons work, and once you get used to what functions you have assigned to them, they really become handy. A few of the features i could not get to work, mainly because iRacing did not recognize the inputs. Using a small program called Joy To Key, i was able to partly work around this, but it would have been better if iRacing would have recognized the inputs. All in all i am very very happy with the purchase, and i am using it every day. It also has freed up a lot of buttons on my wheel, so that i can assign them functions that i need to get to even faster. Let me know in the comments bellow if you have this too, or what your experience with button boxes is.
  13. 35 downloads

    I have been helping SR4MH with graphics for a while, and count on continuing as long as I can. This batch, was simple social media posts for the whole of the next series. It's a quick solution for a weekly banner to go along with messages on Facebook. The banners go along the same style and colors as the rest of the graphics that i have made for them, and this strengthens the brand recognition and identity.
  14. Steph

    Sweet Tees


    Sweet tee has two passions. Sim racing and BBQ, so their logo covers both! Its a very cool logo that i had to edit a bit to get dig of a background, but it was fairly easy to do. For the videos, I wanted to go with a flame theme. The first is a dark animation where i can define the color of the particles. I picked a warm orange that made it look as if it was on fire. tee_flames.mp4 The second animation is a lot lighter. It's an animated smoke particle, colored in the purple that i lifted off the logo. tee_smoke.mp4
  15. Steph



    Wolfpack had some troubles sending over a logo with no background. We tried a few things but still couldn't get it, so I ended up deleting the background manually. I'd rather not have to do this though, because it took way too long, and I'm not too good at it any way. For the video, I had a template in mind, and i wanted to test some customization options. The first one, i combined the yellow color with a blue sub color to see where the blue went. For the second video, i replaced the blue with very dark grey. For the third video, I used blue and yellow. It was good to have a chance to test these combinations, and hopefully WolfPack can use one of them triangles yellowblack.mp4 triangles yellowblue.mp4 triangles yellowblue.mp4 triangles blue yellow.mp4
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