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  1. Names Joshua Johnson, owner of Vortex Wraps. Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of making a wrap? It isn't as hard as one would think really!! I've been making wraps for 6 months officially as Vortex Wraps, but over a year if you want to count my personal cars i made in the months leading up. Making a wrap can seem very difficult for someone just starting off. Some tips i would give are "Start simple" Don't over think the design. Slowly add to the design as you go and it will eventually become something nice!! Next i would say walk away from the design. Sometimes i have to walk away and for a few hours and get my eyes fresh again. Finally i would have to say nothing is bad!! Everything can develop into something. Once i had this design and it was terrible (in my opinion at the time) and i sent it to the client and he loved the direction i was going. 1 day later i had him a design that is ran by half his team!! "War Faction E-Sports- -Design referred to above" Comment what you might have questions or concerns with and ill try my best to help!! -Joshua Johnson
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